Aurobindo on How to Do Yoga and Why he has Rewritten Savitri 10 or Twelve Periods

The excellent Yogi Maharishi Aurobindo (Beginning 15-8-1872 Samadhi: 5-12-1950) was pretty emphatic in stating that only he could compose certainly about himself. And hence we have to read through his writings, letters and many others to know about him.

Swami Vivekananda guided him in his yogic observe in Alipore jail.
Aurobindo himself discovered:”In the Alipore jail I had the Gita and the Upanishads with me, practiced the Yoga of the Gita and meditated with the support of Upanishads these were the only guides from which I identified advice the Veda which I initial started to study extended later on in Pondicherry instead verified what encounter I now experienced than was any guide to my Sadhana. I in some cases turned to the Gita for light, when there was a concern or a trouble and usually, acquired aid or an respond to from it. It is a point that I was listening to continually the voice of Swami Vivekananda speaking to me for a fortnight in the jail in my solitary meditation and felt his presence. The voice spoke only on a exclusive and restricted but incredibly vital subject of non secular expertise and it ceased as quickly as it experienced completed declaring all that it experienced to say on that issue.”
He has answered the query, “How to do Yoga” himself.

He says: “A person (not a disciple- I had no disciple in people times) questioned me how to do Yoga. I mentioned: Make your intellect quiet to start with” He did and his intellect became quite silent and empty. Then he rushed to me indicating: “My mind is empty of thoughts, I can not feel. I am getting to be an fool.” He did not pause to glimpse and see the place these views he uttered were being coming from! Nor did he realize that 1 who is by now an fool can not grow to be just one. Anyhow I was not patient in people days and I dropped him and allow him get rid of his miraculously reached silence.

The normal way, the least difficult if a person can manage it at all, is to get in touch with down the silence from higher than you into the mind, brain and overall body.”

Aurobindo’s intellect turned comprehensive of an eternal silence in one particular day. It was at any time with him.
The excellent rishi has written the classic Savitri for the sake of mankind. He experienced to produce and rewrite it ten or twelve occasions!

The disciples have been asking yourself why he would have to generate and rewrite his poetry so numerous moments when he had all the inspiration at his command and do not have to get it with the issues that faces budding Yogis like them.

Aurobindo answered:” That is incredibly simple. I applied Savitri as a suggests of ascension. I began with it on a particular mental level, just about every time I could arrive at a larger level I rewrote from that amount. Moreover I was unique- if portion seemed to me to arrive from any reduced levels I was not glad to leave it due to the fact it was fantastic poetry. All had to be as significantly as achievable of the exact same mint. In point Savitri has not been regarded by me as a poem to be written and finished, but as a subject of experimentation to see how far poetry could be penned from one’s have Yogic consciousness and how that could be designed artistic. I did not rewrite Rose of God or the sonnets apart from for two or a few verbal alterations created at the instant.”

From this we could conveniently fully grasp that in Savitri we may perhaps discover his Yogic consciousness. Savitri will guide a correct aspirant of Yoga.