Being Safe with Online Gaming!

Things To consider before going into the world of online gaming-

Many people hear about their friends playing these cool new games online with people from around the world, and think to themselves “Hmm, this could be fun, playing games, meeting people..what’s not to like?” Well, though this is the case, there are some major points to take into consideration before starting up an account.


Most of these games require you to purchase the game, which usually runs around $50, but on top

of that, the ‘good’ games require a monthly payment, which is usually around $15 that you make with your credit/debit card every month. This is a very large investment for some, and is probably

the biggest factor in turning people away from these games.


Time is probably something you wouldn’t normally take into consideration with most video games, but this is a completely different genre. The time required to play these games to there ‘fullest’ and to get to the point where you really begin having fun, can be upwards of 2-3 hours PER DAY, and that is even being modest. This can really take out of the social life of some people, and turn you into what people will call a ‘recluse’.

Technical Specs

Can your computer run the game you’re wanting to play? Many games now-a-days require pretty beefy systems to let you play there game smoothly, the best way to check to see if your computer can handle what you’re looking at, is by going by . Just a few clicks through there site, will get you comparing your system, to the minimum requirements of the game you’re wanting to play.

Research Your Game

Many games will offer a free 1 week, or 14 day trial to play their game, and see if you like it. If this is the case, great! But otherwise, you better do your research and make sure the game you start in will be worth your time. The best place to look at reviews, and get information about your game, is . They only cover MMO’s, and if you can’t find info about your game there, then it doesn’t exist.

Take the Plunge!

If you’ve gone through all these steps, and you’ve done your research, then you’re ready to start playing!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind while playing.

-DO NOT let the game control you, if people start commenting on your reclusive behavior, it might be a good idea to stop and take a break.

-There is more to life than gaming

– Don’t put more money into the game than you have to, don’t buy in-game currency online!

-Don’t give out your personal information to other gamers, you never know who you’re going to find!

Have FUN! If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?