Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Tips and Tricks Strategy

If you have ever played an online video game, especially a first person shooter, you know how competitive it can get. There are many things that separate the good players from the bad ones. It is not merely due to the fact that the good players play more. When it comes to first person shooters like Call of Duty Black Ops your ability to aim will only get you so far. We will discuss some of the main tips and tricks utilized by the best online players.

Knowing All The Maps
In order to become a great black ops player you need to know all of the maps, not just some of them. In addition to this, you need to have a full and complete knowledge of every map, not just partial knowledge. It is important to know what spots your enemies will be hiding in and what paths they will be taking as the game unfolds. This will enable you to think like your opponent and predict their actions ahead of time. Predicting your enemy’s actions is one of the most important tools for a successful online gamer.

Knowing All Game Types
There are a vast number of different game types to choose from when playing Black Ops. Each one requires a special style of play when it comes to which weapons you use and how you navigate the maps. For example, you can not play a Team Death Match game the same way you would play a Search and Destroy match. Each game type has its own tips and tricks that need to be learned. Study each game type and its set of rules until you fully understand how it works. Also, it is important to know how each game type is played on each map, because different game types will have different objectives at different parts of the very same map.

Dying Less and Staying Alive Longer
Dying less is one of the most important skills to implement in Black Ops, especially in the game types where your deaths will add to the score of the enemy team. Dying less will be a natural result of learning the skills mentioned above. Knowing every map and where to hide will keep you alive longer. Being able to correctly use your weapons in 1 on 1 situations will also determine how often you die. Managing your Kill/Death ratio is one of the most important skills to acquire in Black Ops.

Learning All Of The Achievements and Unlocks
Black Ops has an “Unlock” system in place where you can unlock weapons and abilities as you progress through the levels. It is important that you study the weapons and unlocks before you acquire them, because certain abilities and weapons work better together than others do. Do not make the mistake of blindly unlocking weapons and abilities and wasting your time. Find out what works best together and work towards that. Using the proper abilities and weapons together can give you a huge advantage in Black Ops.