City Rivals Information and Tips

Urban Rivals is a massively-multiplayer on the internet (MMO) browser-based mostly card video game, related to regular investing card online games these kinds of as Magic: The Accumulating and Legend of the Five Rings. Your objective in City Rivals is to obtain as several playing cards as you can, and use them to defeat your opponents. The following is a guideline to enable you grasp the finer details of the video game, and put you on the way to becoming an Urban Rivals champion!

Activity Formats

In Urban Rivals, there are 4 distinctive recreation formats to engage in in. Every single of the formats has policies regarding deck building and gameplay. The Variety 1 and Type 2 formats are differentiated by the selection of “stars” or character factors allowed in your deck. Type 1 decks allow a most of 25 stars, though Kind 2 decks are for 26 stars and earlier mentioned. The Survivor structure is an offshoot of Type 2, and the objective is to have as long a winning streak as feasible.

The most well known structure is recognised as ELO, which has a match ladder. Its regulations are related to Type 1 but features a checklist of cards that have been banned due to remaining overpowered. The ELO format has weekly prizes based on how properly you place in the tournament ladder. Each game format will have its own deck-setting up methods, but this information provides standard deck-building and gameplay tactics that really should be applicable for all video game formats.


Your deck of 8 cards – a random 4 of which will be employed in just about every struggle – is the critical to profitable battles. No issue how excellent you are, a bad deck will just about unquestionably charge you the fight. As these types of, deck-developing techniques are pretty critical, and the greater part of your determination-earning occurs ahead of the battles basically consider area.

* Clans – The to start with matter you have to determine is which clan to choose. Every clan has a bonus that applies to all its associates. The Bangers, Junkz, Rescue, Sentinel and Ulu Watu clans have assault electric power bonuses. The All Stars, Montana, Sakrohm and Uppers give their opponents assault ability penalties. The Fang Pi Clang and La Junta clans have problems boosts, while the Pussycats cut down opponents’ damage. The Gheist, Nightmare, Pirana and Roots clans terminate opponents’ powers, when the Skeelz clan shields their powers from cancellation. The Freaks clan deals poison hurt to their opponents, although the Jungo clan gives them selves far more life. Which clan you opt for will depend on your choice in playstyle.

* Clan Identity – Not only does the clan reward have to in shape your playstyle, you also have to have to assume about which City Rivals clan’s id, backstory and beliefs resonate with you. If you never like gangsters and guns, the Montana mafia clan would absolutely not sit effectively with you, no make any difference how superior their clan reward is. Equally if you like the plan of military superiority and guerrilla warfare, then the La Junta clan will draw you in.

* Mono vs Dual – There are 2 deck compositions that are most typically played: Mono-Clan and Dual-Clan. Mono-Clan signifies your deck of 8 is composed of characters from just one clan (additionally it’s possible a Leader). Twin-Clan implies your deck consists of cards from 2 clans. The choice involving the two occurs since a card’s clan reward only functions if you have at the very least 2 cards from that clan in enjoy. So working with a Mono-Clan deck ensures that your clan bonus is generally lively, but suffers because of to absence of range. A Dual-Clan deck on the other hand will encounter battles where just one of the cards will not have its clan reward. Having said that, this disadvantage is countered by the simple fact that you are using 2 clans whose bonuses get the job done effectively jointly or handles for every other’s weaknesses.

* Card Price tag – Possessing determined which clan you want, the upcoming action is to choose which playing cards go in your deck. When you are commencing out, you are unfortunately limited by the value of the playing cards. The strong cards usually price a lot of in-game Urban Rivals forex, but you will be capable to afford them the a lot more you perform and the extra tournaments you take part in.

* Star Allocation – In Sort 1 and ELO video games, you are confined to 25 stars or points in the deck. The alternative of what mixture of star concentrations goes in your deck is critical. Do you want extra 5-star powerhouses in your deck, understanding that you will have to set in a large amount of weak 2-star playing cards to equilibrium them? You could get lucky in struggle and have all your 5-stars in play, or you may well finish up getting to play with 3 or 4 2-star playing cards, almost handing the activity to your opponent. The other selection would be to fill your deck with typically 4-star and 3-star playing cards to make sure you area a first rate staff every single fight. Once again, the alternative will count on your playstyle.

* Card Abilities – The following move is to figure out which playing cards do the job very best in your deck. It is most effective to pick out cards whose qualities complement their clan reward. For case in point, if your clan reward provides you a big attack reward, then you could use playing cards whose assault electric power is not that terrific but offer a great deal of harm, due to the fact the clan reward is boosting your attack previously. You must also incorporate playing cards that are extra specialized, these types of as ones that prevent qualities or bonuses, or walls that lower injury taken. As a whole, you should have an overall objective for your deck, and the majority of your playing cards need to assist or function towards that objective.


Now that the deck is completely ready, the next factor you will need to concentration on is how to struggle well. Equally you and your opponent commence with 12 existence and 12 pillz, and your purpose is to conclude the struggle with more life than your opponent. As can be anticipated, there are quite a few approaches to attain that end result.

* Poker – You can take care of a video game of City Rivals just like a match of poker. The individual who is able to read his opponent the most effective and bets sensibly normally wins. The pillz that you use to boost your assault or damage are just like poker playing chips. Do you go all in with a potent card? Or do you save your pillz for a time when you count on your opponent to launch his large attack? Just recall that pillz are in fact more essential than daily life, and they should be conserved and made use of sensibly.

* Purpose – When the fight commences and the cards are exposed, the initially point you need to do is make a decision what your goal and assault plan are. Do your playing cards have more than enough destruction to do a 2-strike KO (ie. deal 12 hurt utilizing just 2 playing cards)? If so, then you need to target your pillz on those 2 playing cards. Do you intend to open up with a poison card and defend even though it does its hurt? Then you have to make confident you have plenty of walls and defensive cards to pull that off. In any scenario, you also have to be aware of your opponent’s attack approach, and be ready to counter them.

* First Switch – The initially change of the struggle is arguably the most crucial. The participant with a lot more stars/points on the desk will start out first, supplying the weaker player the possibility to see his opponent engage in prior to determining what to do. It is widespread to open up with a bluff, participating in a strong card employing extremely several pillz. If the opponent reacts with employing a whole lot of pillz, they could possibly have received the 1st round but would be at a pillz drawback. If the opponent isn’t going to spend pillz to defend, you would have carried out a honest amount of money of injury with just a little pillz investment.

* Pillz Edge – During each spherical, the player with extra pillz obtainable normally has the higher hand and can dictate how the fight will go. The participant with a lot less pillz has fewer options and need to typically either go all in or concede a spherical. It is as a result very valuable if you are capable to devote pillz a lot more proficiently than your opponent (presented you are however winning battles). This follows from the 1st-flip-bluff technique: if you productively bluff, you will have a pillz edge and can prolong that all through the battle, continuously placing your opponent on the defensive.

Hopefully this guideline will clarify some of the much less clear features of the sport, and make your practical experience participating in City Rivals additional satisfying! As is anticipated, practice tends to make fantastic and you will get started to see how many others enjoy and can improve your procedures appropriately. And will not neglect that there are approximately 20 diverse clans you can experiment with, so will not be fearful to participate in with them!