‘Clues Identify Hunt’ Activity For Picnics Or Corporate Events

Are you wondering about how to break the ice and to preserve group’s energy levels large all through the journey? Your possibilities for things to do in this established-up are quite limited to some age-outdated game titles. This write-up provides the 1st in the sequence of 3 ground breaking on-the-go clues hunt video games, great for faculty picnics or company team making situations.


You have a faculty picnic or company crew setting up event and all are arranging to go for a four hrs excursion on bus. Are you pondering about how to split the ice and continue to keep group’s strength amounts high throughout the journey? A number of ‘We have played this video game before’ variety of video games can be played in this established-up. Now if you must design and style a manufacturer new sport then go on looking through…



  1. Develop a record of names of couple individuals who are both onboard or regarded to the team
  2. Opt for the Clues hunt recreation duration. Assume about 3 to 4 minutes for every clue and 10 minutes for video game guidelines and established-up. To participate in the recreation for just one hour, you would require to produce about 12 to 15 clues
  3. Shortlist names for generating clues
  4. Produce and Print Clue playing cards

How to Engage in

Match Established-up

Divide the group in teams of 4 to 5 users each individual. Use enjoyment criterion to decide on the crew leads, like latest joinee in the group, most amusing dress-up, one particular who is putting on white socks, 1 who enjoys most his family members (Check with to show that). Use your creativeness to arrive up with extra innovative & entertaining concepts. Talk to the crew-leads to identify their teams.

Directions for groups

Each team gets 1 clue and highest three chances to solve that clue. The crew will get 100, 50 or 25 points if they clear up it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd guess. If any team is not in a position to crack the clue then it is handed to upcoming teams. If any other group solves it then they are awarded 30 details.

Get started Enjoyable

Now say you have 4 groups and you experienced created 16 clues. Hand more than the to start with clue to the group leader and give them three chances to identify the name of the particular person from the clue. They need to address the clue with-in three minutes. Adhere to this for other teams. Keep awarding the factors and preserve the record. When all the clues are solved announce the winning staff.


  1. Develop far more than just one clue for the identical identify, it is generally not expected by the team.
  2. Handover the record of names present on the bus to all teams and advise clue can be for any one particular on that record and outdoors the listing also just to construct-up the exciting and interest.
  3. Blend some very simple and some complicated clues to continue to keep the curiosity stages large for just about every team.
  4. Generate a sequel of game titles for the full outing event and use Poker chips or Monopoly cash to make the groups obtain the details for just about every match. In the finish of complete event, winner group is declared and rewarded.