Critique: OMG (Oh My Gods!)

Once upon a time, there ended up 12 mighty gods dwelling atop of mythical mount Olympus: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes and both Hestia, or Dionysus. Zeus was the ruler of all. Relationships between the twelve gods had been normally tense and some of them even wanted to overthrow Zeus and grow to be the a single and only King. Zeus, seemingly resolved that a combating contest would be held in purchase to determine who is the mightiest god and the most appropriate to rule Olympus. All gods would be equipped to use their unique techniques to prevail in this contest. Very well, at the very least that is the tale at the rear of the new card match coming from Greece, titled OMG (Oh My Gods!).

OMG is a card video game built by a new designer, George Christofidis who has collaborated with artist Tony Tzanoukakis, accountable for the card artwork. OMG can be performed by two to 6 players and lasts about 20 minutes. Its only parts are playing cards. The board match marketplace is basically complete of these types of minor card video games, packaged in little bins and costing about 10$, so the competition to confront is wonderful. Let us see if OMG is up for the problem.

OMG’s regulations are remarkably uncomplicated. At the begin of the activity all cards are shuffled and every player is dealt 6 cards. The relaxation of the cards kind a deck from which gamers will be drawing playing cards all through the activity. Each and every card depicts a god and also has a range and a coloration. The card might also have the god’s unique ability or not. Cards can have 4 doable colours: blue, pink, green and black and 4 quantities, 1 to 4. Designers have delivered for colour-blind people and have incorporated a smaller image on the base suitable of every card, similar to its colour: red is represented by a fire symbol, environmentally friendly by a leaf, black by thunder and blue by waves.

Gamers are using portion in the battling contest that Zeus declared by serving to the gods strike blows to one particular a different. The aim of OMG is very simple: be the 1st to get rid of all the playing cards in your hand. Each player through his turn, have to engage in a card deal with up, on top of the final facial area-up card at the centre of the table. In buy to strike a blow, the card played must match possibly the variety or the god of the past performed card. If that is the case, then it really is the up coming player’s change. If neither the range nor the god is matched, then the player usually takes a penalty and need to attract some extra cards, their number based on figures on the two playing cards (the one played and the a single currently at the desk). If the two cards have the exact color, the penalty is equal to the big difference of the two numbers. If the colour is distinctive, the penalty is equal to the change of the two figures furthermore 1.

If the card performed has an capability on it, then right after examining for a penalty, the lively participant gets to execute the distinctive capability of the god. Special talents may possibly help the participant to get rid of playing cards, power other gamers to draw playing cards or make a player skip his subsequent turn.

The game is as uncomplicated as that, so let us see how it scores in our common scoring groups:


As I said prior to, the game’s parts are only playing cards. The artist’s strategy to the concept of the twelve Greek gods is a very gentle and enjoyable just one. Every god is depicted in a comedian way, emphasizing on his general acknowledged traits. For example, Aphrodite, goddess of magnificence, seems as Overlook Olympus, admiring herself in the mirror though Poseidon, god of the sea, holds a trident which is bitten by a naughty-looking fish and Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths and craftsmen, stands before his anvil obtaining unintentionally hammered a finger. The playing cards have lovely shades and they are fun to look at and participate in with. They are designed of excellent cardboard and need to most effective be sleeved thanks to shuffling. A person trouble about that is that the minor box that hosts the game involves a paper insert and in the center of it there is house for the cards to be placed in. Nonetheless, when the cards get sleeved, they you should not fit any more in this room and you need to get rid of the insert so to accommodate them all in the box. This way, on the other hand, the cards are unfold all all-around the box and get really messed up.

Inside the game’s box, a small rulebook can also be observed that fulfils its role of conveying the very simple rules of the video game, has some illustrations of perform and meticulously describes all the gods’ qualities with clarifications on details that might be unclear. A little description for each and every god and his/her primary attributes is also there, which is a extremely very good notion and enhances the theme of the match, whilst not actually associated to the genuine gods’ talents. 7/10


There are several card games out there that have to have to vacant your hand in purchase to win. However, OMG introduces a refreshing topic and some interesting new mechanics tied to it. If the scenario was only to match the range or god of the card previous played and just take a penalty for not carrying out so, the game would be above-simplistic. The introduction of gods’ skills gives a new twist to the gameplay and would make it more unpredictable and more attention-grabbing.

Luck of course performs a huge job in this recreation. The playing cards dealt to you at the get started of the game could be all you want to acquire underneath sure circumstances and there are online games that will final no much more than 10 minutes. The conclusion with which players are confronted are really basic and the technique to observe is apparent enough as properly. Of program, if you have a card that matches the range or god last performed, this is the one to perform and if you you should not, then you will consider to engage in a card with the closest selection, in order to attract a least volume of added playing cards. If you have to choose amongst two playing cards that have the similar influence, then you are going to have to place some extra thought in it and in all probability consider to consider cards previously played. Probably your most effective choice will be to engage in a god that has previously been performed many moments ahead of so that opponents will have more issue acquiring a match for him. The same strategy of system could be taken, if you consider about numbers getting been played in earlier turns. That is to say that even so easy the procedures of a sport could be, there is often some space for excess strategic wondering.

OMG supports up to 6 players and from my practical experience, the extra players associated, the most attention-grabbing it gets and the far more a single game can past, elevating satisfaction. I have experienced game titles with 2 or 3 players that have only lasted 10 or even 5 minutes, which felt a minor little bit disappointing and made me imagine a thing like “What the hell? That was all?”. Statistically talking nonetheless, this comes about not so frequently.

All in all, OMG, though not owning to present some thing really modern in phrases of gameplay, can maintain you intrigued and have some fun time as a filler recreation or a sport night time with the full household. Hardcore avid gamers having said that could find it a bit much too simple for their style. 6/10

Mastering Curve:

This recreation is a person of the handful of games in my selection that can be spelled out in a lot less than 5 minutes, producing it available to a substantial team of avid gamers. Guidelines are that basic. A couple of gods’ capabilities could demand additional clarification, delivered in the rulebook, but basically you will be actively playing within just a couple of minutes soon after determining to participate in this recreation. Thus, men and women that are easily bored not only by looking through policies but even just by listening to them, will be delighted by the simplicity and quickness of setup. 9/10


I discover that OMG’s theme is quite loosely tied to the recreation. Indeed, the visuals of the gods are there to remind us that there is this preventing contest likely on but no additional feelings can be designed on this issue. Gods’ talents have seriously absolutely nothing to do with the gods themselves, so the cards could truly depict anything and even now have the exact operate. For illustration, Hephaestus, god of fire and the forge, permits to discard a card. I won’t be able to truly relate the god to his potential. That’s why I under no circumstances seem to be to try to remember which god has which ability. Some other gods like Aphrodite for example could be a little bit easier to recall. She is the goddess of attractiveness, appreciate and desire and can make any one fall in like with her. This way she could most likely seduce an opponent and make him skip his future convert.

A further detail that baffled me about the theme of the activity is that you are supposed to aid a god/goddess in their battle and that the preventing contest has a winner god that will become the new ruler of Olympus, but that truly won’t truly feel that way. It would seem that you are working with the gods’ capabilities to support oneself acquire the video game, and not a certain god. At the conclude of the activity, it is really a participant that wins but what about the battling contest? Which god prevails? The participant who gained, likely employed quite a few gods’ talents to thrive. That issue continues to be unanswered, while it can be supposed to be the middle of the recreation.

All in all, the theme in OMG seems to serve only the goal of existing, with no generating the players really truly feel its presence. On the other hand, in this kind of compact game titles, that is almost never the goal of the layout. 5/10


OMG is a entertaining tiny activity that can be played quickly by anyone, young or old, normal gamer or not and lasts much less than fifty percent an hour. That suggests it can conveniently uncover its way on your gaming desk possibly most almost certainly as a filler involving additional significant and time consuming online games or for a enjoyable game night time with the entire family members. Its straightforward regulations make it quick to learn and to bear in mind, so a video game can start off within minutes from determining to play it. Aside from these specifics, my working experience shows that the recreation exhibits a lot more replayabillity close to the 4-6 participant foundation, type of serving a lot more as a occasion match. Replayability will also be substantially greater amongst youngest ages or somewhat old kinds, that have a lot less requirements from a match. 7/10


The game’s enjoyment issue, stems from gameplay and its simplicity as nicely as from the funny, cartoonish-type artwork in cards. Just as you are completely ready to toss your last card, you could abruptly be pressured to attract lots of cards, to the delight, of training course, of your opponents. You will have the chance to chortle at them too, when this happens to them. OMG appears to have that little mystery recipe to make you go your absolutely free time enjoyably with your beloved enterprise. 7/10

Remaining Verdict:

While OMG has very little too groundbreaking to display in terms of gameplay, it can serve its cause of entertaining you with ease as extended as your demands are not way too large. The cards’ artwork would seem to strike the nail on the head, by giving an amusing illustration of the twelve gods, mixing their traits with a pinch of humor. The game’s brief length and simplicity of principles allows it to attraction to a huge target group, primarily young ones and more mature people. Qualified gamers may possibly uncover it overly simplistic and choose game titles with far more hard gameplay. Luck and talent have their share pertaining to gameplay. Whilst luck appears to prevail at a to start with look, if you fork out a lot more notice on your performs, you will obtain there is a honest share of system also included. All in all, OMG is a family members / bash recreation that can give numerous hrs of entertaining to those people who are looking for just that.


  • simple guidelines
  • nice artwork
  • brief length
  • suitable for all ages and degrees of skills in board video games


  • very poor implementation of theme
  • not a great deal originality in match mechanics

Recommended for: events, kids, informal board game players

In accordance to our scoring process, scoring groups have various weights. Factors have 15% fat, Gameplay 35%, Studying curve 5%, Topic 5%, Replayability 25%, Enjoyment 15%. According to this program and the earlier mentioned scoring in just about every category, overall weighted scoring of the activity is:

Total: 6.65