Fishing for Kings in South Mississippi

Every year a team of substantial, voracious, and opportunistic carnivores swarm via the waters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Identified as Kingfish, Kings, Scomberomorus cavalla, or King Mackerel, these modern torpedoes are 1 of the finest match fish found in the 228 region code.

What is a King?

The King Mackerel is a huge coastal pelagic fish located all together the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. They swim in big groups, keeping to warmer waters in a continuous migration circle that delivers them into Mississippi waters usually April by way of Oct. When the seawater gets down below 70 levels, they head for warmer areas so do not assume Mr. King to be poking about when it is chilly. The King has iron-grey back, silvery sides with greenish on back again, lateral line that drop fast right after the second dorsal fin.

Common weights operate in between 5-60 kilos with fish about 15-kilos becoming the most typical, larger fish are by all suggests probable. The condition common history retained by DMR is for a 64 lb. 8 oz. fish caught in 1999 by Dan Abshire Jr. The IGFA document at present acknowledged is for 93 lbs.

Though not as delicious as snapper, tuna, and wahoo, they are however edible and a couple of nice size types can fill a freezer with good tasting fillets to get pleasure from all summer time. It truly is small in unwanted fat, abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, and is white and flakey when cooked.


These huge mackerel are plentiful in the Gulf mainly because of demanding regulation and conservation, which has introduced the at the time threatened stocks up steadily considering the fact that 1983. Kings are each state and federally regulated. The present state (and federal) limits are 2 for possession and keepers have to be at minimum 24-inches prolonged in a straight line length from suggestion of snout to fork of tail. Be actually watchful when you catch large Spanish mackerel that you really don’t in fact have juvenile Kings–, which can get you in plenty of hassle. The finest way to inform them aside is a juvenile king will have a grey-blue anterior dorsal fin which the Spanish will have a black one. In basic the king period lasts all 12 months but be certain to examine and make positive there haven’t been any alterations to this ahead of you go out.

Strategies and Tricks

Whilst their smaller cousin the Spanish mackerel can be caught off the seawall and alongside the many coastal piers, the King prefers further waters. They can be observed ideal alongside oilrigs, deep reefs, offshore wrecks, and shoaling waters adjacent to deep passes. Usually, you want to look for deep drinking water 50-150 feet under the hull.

They eat just about nearly anything that suits in their mouth including all smaller fish, squid, and shrimp, which helps make catching them an equal opportunity. They can be caught well while trolling a ballyhoo, cigar minnow, or sardine, or fishing with an synthetic or serious mullet. Other artificials this sort of as spoons, feathers, jigs, and substantial plugs also get the job done most effective when in conjunction with a chum trail. This can carry in a huge university of these migratory silversides that can necessarily mean a blast of fishing exhilaration. The Southern Kingfish Association retains 1 of the most common tournaments for this species, which focus in the great previous king. Membership in this group of mackerel mavericks can guide to a wonderful training on how to focus on these bruisers.

While not extremely hard, fly guys have a challenging time with Kings due to the dimensions of the beasts. Lots of Mississippi salt-water fly fishermen have caught these silver-sided monsters and the present-day fly report stands at 27 lb. 6.4 oz. for a 2009 catch from Doug Borries.

With a small luck and deep more than enough water, you can wager your extremely own stock of Kings is just out there, waiting on you.