How Parents Can Make Their Kids Healthy

Good health begins at a young age, and even before the child leaves the womb. This means that mothers should take special care with what they eat and do during pregnancy. Regular light activity and a healthy balanced diet will help mothers start their child off with a healthy start from day one. This is very important, especially to avoid birth complications.

In the first few years of life, breast feeding is recommended. Breast milk makes healthy kids, and it has been shown again and again in various research studies. It improves cognitive ability, and is much safer than formula that comes in powder form. If the mother is unable to breast feed, then choosing healthy and natural formula is recommended.

In the toddler years it is important to start feeding kids fresh foods and a healthy balanced diet. Avoid junk food, and only give it as a treat. Healthy kids should get a regular diet of fruits and veggies that is recommended by their pediatrician. Teaching the child the importance of activity is also a good idea at this stage. Encourage them to play and try fun activities together. Some mothers are getting their children into yoga and playing fun games like Wii Fit with their toddlers. This is an excellent idea because it teaches them that fitness is fun. Don’t wait until elementary school when they are forced to be active! Start now so they can learn that PE is fun, and playing outside is great.

From ages 5 and up, developing healthy child habits will continue. Many parents feed their children junk food and allow them to watch tv or play video games all day. It is very important to limit sit down time and instead, make them stay active. Not only will they develop good activity habits, but they will become sick less often and develop strong immune systems. A high nutrient diet will also increase immunity defenses and lead to a healthy body for many many years.

Healthy habits begin early, and it is important to nurture them without being obsessive. Eating habits also develop at an early age, and you don’t want your child to become reliant on junk food and obsessed with eating only mac & cheese. Some treats are fine, but everyday treats can become a health hazard.

With obesity running rampant in children in the US and Mexico, it is important for healthy kids to stay healthy and avoid obesity. When the child is old enough it may be a good idea to discuss how being obese can hinder their health and harm them. Prevention is key when it comes to children, which is why it is so important to teach them to love their bodies and nurture it with healthy foods and exercise.