How To Get No Scopes In Halo 3

As a pro Halo 3 player one thing people always ask me is “how do I get good with the sniper rifle?”
Well before I give you some great tips we need to talk about controller settings and your Television. I play with vibration turned off. .

The reason for this is when sniping especially no scoping a steady hand is a must. If
you are trying to snipe someone and your controller vibrates it is likely to startle you and make you “jerk” this can make you miss shots.

I also recommend using a wired controllerThe reason is there is a slight lag on wireless controllers making your reactions slightly slower. You need every advantage to pull off those clutch snipes.

Now lets talk about your TV. Large TV’s make it harder to aim to due screen lag especially plasma and LCD big screens. I play on a 22 inch CRT TV. I know it would seem like a big TV would make it easier to aim but this is simply not the case. While the big TV’s look nice they are not suitable for competitive gaming.

Another thing to take into consideration is what sensitivity you play on. The default sensitivity
is 3. Most pros play on 4-6. I myself use 4. A higher sensitivity doesn’t always mean better.
Anything higher than 6 will be very hard to snipe with.

Now for my advice…

Tip # 1- When no scoping dont charge your opponent let them charge you this makes it easier to put your aimer where their head is and get a kill. This way you can aim where your opponent is going to be.

Tip # 2- It is easier to no scope when you are on elevation higher than your opponent such as being at the top of a ramp and your enemy is at the bottom. So when your below an enemy it maybe best to use another weapon.

Tip # 3 A great time to no scope/ beatdown or no scope is when someone is coming up a airlift and your waiting on them to come up. The reason this is true is because their body only moves up and down not side to side. This makes it easy to predict where they will be and get a kill. The lift put them in one motion and they always come up the same exact way so just practice this.

Tip # 4- No scoping in great for narrow hallways. The reason for this is theres not that much space for your enemy to go so the probability that you will get a kill is pretty good.

Tip # 5 kind of a no brainer but look for your cursor to go red and shoot. Also if you hit someone once go for the beat down do not try to get another shot off.

Tip # 6 No scoping is best done up close because the target is bigger when closer and you can go for the beat down.

Thats all I have for now so practice these tips and you will be getting crazy no scopes before you know it!