How to Lose Weight Permanently With Yoga

Yoga, which is an ancient form of therapy for many ills and problems of the human body, is also an affective practice in weight loss therapy. If you incorporate a daily dose of yoga, along with your weight loss diet, you will find that, not only do you lose weight more easily; you also keep it off and get cured of many other health problems. With your whole system toned up with yoga, you will not feel the need to overeat, and will have higher energy levels, and mental clarity.

There are many reasons for over eating like stress, fatigue, depression, and physical problems. Yoga therapy combats all this and puts you in a better physical condition, which gives you a feeling of well being, and you automatically have a more regulated lifestyle. A weight loss diet, combined with yoga, will keep you in perfect health and shape.

Some of the benefits of yoga

There are so many benefits of yoga, that it would be difficult to give you the complete list of benefits. However, some of the problems, which fixed with yoga, are:

  1. Slowing down the process of aging
  2. More flexibility and strength of body
  3. Less of anxiety and tension in the muscles
  4. Blood pressure control
  5. Relief from allergies and asthma
  6. Bringing thyroid conditions and diabetes under control
  7. Spiritual growth
  8. Reduced stress levels
  9. A general sense of well being
  10. Helpful in giving up smoking and other such addictive habits
  11. Yoga can also help with hair problems like: Thinning hair and Dandruff
  12. Skin problems like: Acne and Dry skin
  13. Keeps you looking and feeling younger both mentally and physically

A weight loss diet, which means healthy food habits, will only add to the benefits of yoga therapy.

What does yoga involve?

Yoga involves forming different poses, with stretching of the body, and controlling the breathing by making it slow. This relaxes and energizes the body simultaneously. There are different types of yoga that are performed at different speeds like fast movements, which are like an aerobic exercise. Slow ones, which relax and rejuvenate each part of the body. For stress and mental well-being, there are spiritual forms of yogic poses.

Yoga for weight reduction

To lose weight, any form of exercise has to raise the heart rate, so even the form of yoga has to be such. The yoga poses for weight loss are held for a few minutes, and then there is a period of resting in between the poses. This helps in improving ones posture and building muscle. However, this is not a cardio vascular workout.

Yoga will have to be performed vigorously, for at least 90 minutes for the purpose of weight loss, and this should be repeated at least three times a week. This form of yoga is known as the flow yoga, or Vinyasa.

Some of the styles of this form of yoga are:

  1. Ashtanga
  2. Power Yoga
  3. Vinyasa Yoga

These are done in a hot room, which makes one sweat profusely. If you perform yoga along with a weight loss diet, which is not a near starvation one, you will be surprised at how fast you can lose weight.

Yoga needs to be performed regularly, and if you do not have time to go to your classes regularly, you should practice at home. The only drawback of yoga is that it needs a lot of dedication to show results. If this is something you have, then you can change your whole system around and not only lose weight, but also become healthy and get rid of many ailments.