How to Win In Rummy

It is the most difficult task to win in Rummy playing. Though there are many different types of games in cards, the Rummy is one of the most attractive games in the world. there are two types of games in Rummy. One is played with all jokers and the other one is played with opposite jokers. Out of these two types, opposite jokers game is more attractive.
Opposite jokers game is played with double packs without any additional cards. That is in total we have hundred and four cards. A group of six persons would be the best way to play. Each player would be supplied with thireen cards. Before selecting the places, all the six persons should take a card to find the lowest and the highest position. The highest card taker would be the first hand to face the game. The lowest should deal the cards.

The second lowest would cut the joker. The dealer should shuffle the cards properly with burls and after that again shuffle the cards and put them in the table. The cutter should take approximately fifty per cent of the cards into hands and put them separately. He should take out a card from the bunch and put it on the table. This would be the joker for that game. While cutting the joker, there should be atleast thirteen cards below the joker card. The dealer would deal the card by putting one by one for all the six players and after confirming that there are thirteen cards for each player he should put the open card.
If all the other five players are playing the game, the dealer should not play the game.

He has to pay nothing to the winner. He is free from paying any amount to the winner.
There are four jokers in total. If the black 10 is the card, which is on the table as the joker card, all the opposite colour red 10s are jokers. There are four different groups in the cards. They are Spades, Hautins, Diamonds, and Clavers.

Unless you have a deep knowledge of the game, it is not possible for you to win unless luck favours you. It is the most important factor to win the game. It is always better for you to play safe. That is, you must have two jokers or one rummy and one joker. Rummy means, sequence. For example: 2345 or 10JQK or AKQ. While playing with oppostie jokers, you do not need natural rummy. You can use the joker in any place. For example, in 5678, if you have, 568 only, for the place of seven, you can use the joker. So, it is always better to play with a rummy and a joker.

Out of the thirteen cards, there should be at least two sequences. either three and three, or three and four. The rest could be triplets or quarterplets. But if you do not have two rummys, you have to pay full 80 points to the winner.

Since there are five other players playing, the chance of winning the game is just 20%. So, you should be very careful in playing the game. The players who do not follow the natute of the game, loose heavily.
At the beginning, you would be provided with one bank. This means, 200 points. Hundred and twenty points would be given to you and the balance 80 points would be with the owner or with the office. The hundred and twenty points for six games, each 20 points.

Since there are games with different stakes, you have to start with the lower stakes. If you loose two banks amount, then you should try in the next higher stakes. Then only it would be possible for you to recover your loss. So, you have to plan in such a way that you are prepared to play the higher stakes and increase the chance of winning. But if you start to win the lower stakes, you should never try to go for the higher stakes. By the logic of luck, only a few hours you can win, during your complete playing time.

There are many ways to safegurard yourself from losing heavily. There are certain points to be followed while playing the game.

1. You must have a good knowledge about the game, before playing. 

2.Always play safe,that is, never play with only one rummy or with only one joker.
3.You should not be tempted by the formation of cards. It would look very easy, but if you enter, it would be very difficult to get life and you might be in the position to pay the full amount of 80 points.
4.You can play without life, if it is three cards game or two cards game.
5.Do not play four or more cards game. It would be highly difficult to win these types of games. There is only a remote possibility of winning the game.
6.If you do not get life in three picks, it is better to middle drop the cards and ask the next player to continue. In this way you can save half of the amount, that is 40 points.

There are three stages in playing.

1.Drop 2.Middle drop 3. Full or dick or points.

1. Drop: When the dealer deals, you would be supplied with thirteen cards. You have to decide whether your cards are playable or not. If you have life, it would be better for you to start the game. Otherwise, you can say that you are not playing and simply drop the cards into the table. This is only 20 points. If you are the first player to drop the cards, you can shuffle the cards and put it below the main pack of cards.

2. Middle drop: When you do not have life, but when you are playing three cards game or two cards game, you can try for three or four picks. If you do not get life, you can say that you are not interested in continuing the game and you can middle drop it. For this middle drop, you have to pay 40 points to the winner.

3. Full or Dick or Points: When you feel that you have better opportunity for the dick, you can play the game. When all the cards are arranged according to the rules of the game, you have to close one of the fourteen cards in your hand, show the thirteen cards in the table.
While showing the cards, first you have to place three or four cards in the sequence format and then the trips. But, it is not wrong to show the trips first. When everything is correct, your dick becomes valid. The other five players would pay you according to their points. When you are playing for Rummy and Show, or life and dick, if another player wins, you have to pay 80 points. This is full. If you have life, you have to separate them and show them separately, the rest of the cards are your points and you have to pay the points.

But the logic says that the “most powerful cards” is rummy and show. You should never loose your temperament when you loose. Money comes and goes. But if you stay calm, you can concentrate deep on the next game. You never think of the earlier games, when you play the game. If you are really interested in winning, you should be familiar with the game. There are certain terms. You have to understand them and follow the guidelines. You should be very strong in your discards. You can win the game, only when you are strong with the discards. To startwith, you have to discard joker touchers. For example, when the black ten are jokers, you can start your discard either with black 9 or black Jack. Most of the times,it would not suit to the next hand.Never start with a releaser. What is a releaser? When the black tens are jokers, the black seven and the black kinngs are called releasers.

A player would be having only one joker, that too,in the rummy, as 8,9,10 spades. If you discard spade 7,then it would be a boon for him. Then he would start to play. Your dick chance would be doomed. You should be very careful in discarding dead cards. In fact you should try to avoid or delay, discarding the dead cards. What is a dead card?

A dead card is a card, which has been already discarded. For example, your upper hand deals the cards and the open card, say 5 clubs. You would be the first person to play. For you, it is the open card. If it suits to your cards, you are going to take that card, and you are going to discard. But for the other five players, that particular 5 clubs is dead, because they can not use it, since you are crossing it. But when you discard the same 5 clubs, surely it would suit the other players. You may have to loose that game, because of that dead card. You should also avoid discarding the equal card, that is 2 clubs and 8 clubs.

While you are playing the game, you have to watch the discards of others also, and accrording to that you have to discard. Since this is a very deep and interesting game, this knowledge would not be sufficient to win the game. You need more knowledge of the above points. But logically speaking, the luck would favour you in the beginning. You have to take advantage of it and play wisely.

When you start to loose in the beginning, you can continue to play as long as the trend goes and once it stops, you have to quit the game, if you really want to be a winner. If you loose just one or two banks, never mind it. You can win on the next day. When you do not have the game for that day, if you play for a very long time, you may have to loose a huge amount. Self control is the most important factor in this fatal attraction.
If you have self control, tendency of the game, the path of the game, most of the times you can be a winner.