MMA Training – Involves Three Types of Games

MMA can be defined as the type of health fitness activity which comes with different fighting skills and techniques. Training programs of this activity are directed to improve strength and stamina of the body of individuals.

One of the major benefits of MMA training is that it increases flexibility & strength of the body. And one will also find effective weight loss programs associated with the training. But, few are aware of three types of games which are involved with Mixed Martial Arts training. Such three games are as follows:

Stand-Up game

One of the main components or pillars of MMA training is stand-up game. In this game, the distance between combatants is separated to the extent that strikes can reach easily to the opponent.

Stand-up fighting involves four different factors like comfort zone, kicking distance, clinching zone and punching distance.

The non-combat distance from which it is impossible to kick the opponent without making distance shorter is referred as comfort zone. Moreover, the fighting position in stand-up game in which consistent contact can be developed between combatants is called as kicking distance.

The zone where punches are thrown is punching zone. On the other hand, the zone which involves grappling and striking techniques between combatants is known as clinching zone of stand-up game.

Bottom game

It is also termed as ground game or ground work in MMA fighting. The game which takes place when combatants are on the ground is called as bottom game and this game involves grappling technique of fighting.

The bottom game implies that combatants are very close to each other on the ground and making use of different grappling holds. Techniques which are involved under this game include chokeholds, bites, eye-gouging, pressure point techniques and several other strikes.

Top game

Different difficult-to-counter strategies to make sure the combatant improve & maintain the top position, is the main consideration of top game in MMA. Different crushing positions under this game include attacks with punches, elbows, knees, etc to attack effectively. Striking strategies in top game can help one to knock the opponent quickly.

All these three games play effective role in MMA training. Earlier, MMA was practiced by professional fighters but this is no longer the case. This fitness activity has now become accessible to wide range of practitioners and fitness activity enthusiasts of different ages. The MMA training coming with different levels of competitiveness is right for anyone and of any age.