The Most Popular Board Games For Kids

What are the most popular board games for kids? There are many popular games in the market and fortunately many of them are geared towards learning skills such as counting, learning new vocabulary or history and geography.

In the list of the most popular board games for kids, we include Chutes and Ladders. Chutes and Ladders is a classic counting game, designed for younger children. This game encourages kids to count, add and subtract. How did the game come to existence? It was played widely in Ancient India and was based on a moral law called “the ladder to salvation”. The ladders represented virtues such as humility, generosity, faith etc, and the snakes represented vices. The game reached Victorian England late in the 19th century and developed into a game to teach good morals to young children. It came to America in the 1940s where it also became very popular. Overall Chutes and Ladders is an excellent tool that helps kids practice counting.

Another of the most popular board games for kids is Monopoly. Parents may not realize it but this board game can help children run additions, subtractions and multiplications. There is also a junior edition which is designed for younger children. Kids enjoy playing with money and this can enhance their math skills in no time.

There are also games that can help children acquire new vocabulary. Apples to Apples is word board game designed for children ages 8 and up and which received numerous awards. It encourages children to read and memorize new vocabulary. In the Apples to Apples word board game, each player is dealt seven red apple cars on which is printed a noun. The judge lays down an adjective for everybody to see. Then players scramble to find a card that best matches the judge’s card. The judge then decides who has the best result. The game is very entertaining and kids can enhance their vocabulary skills in no time.

There are games focused on geography and history which are very popular. For instance, Brain Quest Around the World can help children learn about cities and countries. In this game, children answer questions about different cities and explore the world. There are also games infused with history themes. They are usually focused on a particular time period or historical event (for instance, history of the USA, Ancient Rome or Ancient Egypt). These are great games especially if you looking to get those history grades up!