Type 2 Diabetes – Can Yoga Help Control Blood Sugar Levels?

A lot has been said about yoga and its potential to cure almost anything. But is this the case where Type 2 diabetes is concerned? It is very common for people diagnosed with this form of diabetes to engage in various kinds of exercises like calisthenics, jogging or even cycling. Getting involved in yoga is another way you can immerse yourself physically.

However, the big question remains on whether yoga can cure Type 2 diabetes or at least offer some level of control…

Type 2 diabetes. For most of us, whenever diabetes is mentioned, what quickly comes to mind is sugar. While this may sound reasonable, it is only partially correct. Diabetes is more about how the body manages sugar than it is about sugar itself.

Type 2 diabetes usually occurs when insulin is not used correctly by the body. As you already know, insulin is the primary hormone responsible for regulating carbohydrate and sugar in the body cells. Thus when it fails to do its job, the level of sugar in the blood can build up leading to health conditions like diabetes.

The Connection Between Yoga and Diabetes. Experience and studies have shown making specific lifestyle changes can significantly contribute to the control and management of diabetes.

When practiced consistently, yoga can help to improve your blood sugar control, which is very important for anyone who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This is important because when dealing with diabetes the major problem is how to stabilize the blood sugar level in the body, which often happens to be the cause of the illness in the first place.

Yoga is generally good for your health, especially in the area of stress management which is also essential for controlling Type 2 diabetes.

Studies show an increase in stress levels can raise the level of sugar in the blood, which may lead to more severe complications such as stroke and heart attack. So the idea is to remove everything that can potentially prevent you from getting enough rest and sleep.

You can also combine your yoga with meditation for even better results. Yoga classes are available through schools, senior citizen centers, sports clubs, and the YMCA. Discuss yoga or any other exercise program with your doctor before beginning classes.

Wrapping it up. The bottom line is this – although Type 2 diabetes is often reversible with the right healthy diet and a proper dosage of exercise such as yoga, the condition can at least be effectively controlled.