Weight Loss Is a Pain In The Ass!

From what I learned there is a lot to “weight loss”. First its 80% Diet and 20% Exercise, which I thought was full of crap from the get go because I figure if you get your body moving consistently you will not need to worry about what food you are eating. WRONG! I am a Foodie so I thought with my workout plan I could get away with it. NOT!

Nutrition consists of three main things – Protein, Carbs, and Fat help build the muscle, lean out the body and give energy. If you are eating fried and sugary foods (which mostly contains fat and who cares what kind of fat). For your diet, or ahem your “lifestyle change” you need appx 60% Carbs, 20% Protein and 20% – that may or may not be accurate but close. So eating trash and working out will not help you lose weight. So what I did is turned to healthy and clean eating, AND quit drinking soda. Which was the hardest of them all. Check previous article written by moi:)

Oh and it gets better kids!!! I thought well now I should be melting off the pounds, and not exactly…see I changed my eating, quit soda and was still working out…now before I quit soda and changed my eating habits I still have not lost anything, but when I did I lost the weight because I quit drinking the soda. But not from working out.

Here’s the dealio! You have to PUSH HARD when you workout! My problem is I have been taking breaks as soon as I get tired. Oh no, no. You need to, on top of everything else that was mentioned above, you need to make sure your heart rate is up at a certain range and only take a 30 second to possibly a minute break so your heart rate stays up and you burn off the pounds. So I recommend investing in a heart rate monitor if you are serious about losing the poundage. You can also figure out how how your heart rate is supposed to be while working out. Just Google ‘target heart rate for working out’.

I have lost around 5lbs but I still have some to go. Have I considered the trendy weight loss products out there? Heck yes, especially since I was not having any luck doing what I thought I was doing correctly. But I decided against it because I want to do it the right way.

Changing my diet and working out, I learned to love a lot of new things like Clean Eating, Running (I am so not a runner, and now I LOVE to go Running) and drinking all kinds of healthy drinks. I try to stay away from sugary drinks but I do love Propel and some juices and I am always looking for a new healthy drink to try. I also love the workout equipment and different workouts. Right now I currently am doing Turbo Fire, Pilates, have a Yoga mat (and doing Yoga too). I have toning shoes and running shoes as well so I can be constantly losing weight and building muscle.

So that my folks, is how you lose weight and is it still a pain in the ass? A little bit.