Who Knew About Cranium Whoonu Game?

Cranium Whoonu Game is based around the concept of guessing. You are supposed to guess things about the other players that you are playing with.

Of course all of this is based on an element of trust so that a player will not change the answer that he has written down. This is why instead of simply holding the answers in your head players are required to write things down.

The name of this game “Whoonu” is simply a variation on the words “Who knew?” This is the general concept behind this game. The idea that even though you know somebody for a very long period of time (such as your best friend, brother, mother, etc.) you will be surprised to find out certain information about their likes and dislikes.

You gain points based on how accurately you guessed about an individual’s preferences. Sometimes this turns into a heated debate as individuals are shocked about their friend’s preferences that they had no idea about.

A statement such as “I had no clue that you liked so and so…” is a very common to hear while playing this game.

Cranium Whoonu Game takes about twenty minutes to complete one round of game play. This is in effect a pretty short game in my opinion especially when compared to longer game such as Monopoly (which can last for hours). The game is not completely a free for all of guessing however.

It provides a structure based on cards and a game board in order to give you a basis onto which you choose your guesses about your opponents.

One issue that I had while playing Cranium Whoonu Game is the fact that it is basically impossible to play this board game with only two people following the rules that come with the game. Obviously by changing the rules (such as drawing four cards face down) is an option available to us if you wanted to play the game with two people, however why would you want to do that?

I think with two people this game can be entertaining however the real fun begins when you have a crowd.

In such a guessing game however one aspect that I have noticed from playing Cranium Whoonu Game with my family and friends is that it does not matter whether you know somebody for ten minutes or whether you know somebody for your whole life.

Playing this game you will always be able to discover something new about the person that you are playing with. Isn’t that something exciting? I think it is very exciting to be able to uncover new facts about the people that you think you know everything about.

Even while playing this game with my wife I came to discover that she loves to kung-fu movies (something that I had never previously known or ever heard about!) What better way to bring together your family and friends than to sit on a beautiful quiet evening getting to know each other in the most fun and hilarity-filled manner available?

The most important aspect of Cranium Whoonu Game is the sense of connection that you develop with the other players