Yoga – Reap The Benefits Of Yoga Asanas By Performing Various Yoga Positions

As we all know, yoga is a group of ancient spiritual practices, which has shown a tremendous growth in generating awareness among the people all across the globe, regarding their physical fitness since last few decades.

Yoga is not only confined to the various aspects of physical fitness, rather it also enables to achieve the state of mental balance as well as enlightenment which will further lead to the betterment of the life.

The various types of yoga positions are the simple movements which are capable of being performed by the normal individual simply. But in order to obtain the best outcomes, the mind and body should work in accordance to each other. Therefore, all the movements should be performed gradually, amiably, and with an ease.

A) Yoga Positions (Asanas)

It has been found after undergoing various researches that the yoga positions are considered as the best practices for the toning up of muscles, lubrication of the joints, and massaging of the body as compared to other exercises.

Not only this, these positions enable each nerve inside the body, glands, ligaments, and muscles to exercise. Therefore, it is apt to say that the performing yoga asanas is the most outstanding method of self care.

B) Various types of yoga positions

Standing Yoga Asanas; One of the most effective standing yoga position is Tadasana, which deliver flexibility and pliableness to the joints and muscles in case of physical and mental stress.

a) Forward Bending

Paschimotanasana is one of the forward bending asanas, which is accompanied by the gradual stretching of the body for the extension of back portion of the spine so as to deliver elasticity which will further impart flexibility to the limbs.

b) Back Bending

Bhujangasana is a type of back bending asana, which extends the front portion of the spine. Therefore, the combination of Bhujangasana and the Paschimotanasana results in obtaining nimbleness for the body.

c) Matsyendrasana

The combination of Matsyendrasana with the Paschimotanasana and Bhujangasana delivers buoyancy to the spirit as well as a whole arrange of new bodily movements.

d) Adho Mukhavasana

Adho Mukhavasana is an inverted position which strives against the stresses of day-to-day life.

e) Padmasana, Vajrasana, & Simhasana

These three asanas are the sitting yoga positions, which enable the body to maintain upright position by correcting the defective posture as well as to help in toning up of the muscles.

f) Marichyasana

Marichyasana focuses over the abdominal and lumbar regions due to which it maintains the good functional state of various abdominal organs and results in the massaging and toning up of the pelvic and lumbar areas.

g) Sirsasana & Sarvangasana

These two positions play a significant role in making the forelimbs strong.

Therefore, it has been found that by going through various types of yoga positions, you can easily keep yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. But, it is always recommended to avoid performing all the yoga asanas at one go, as this may lead to various severe outcomes instead of benefits. Therefore, you should always practice different types of positions each day for a variety.